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2023 agInnovation Awards for Excellence

Dr. Dionne Toombs, NIFA associate director for programs, and Dr. Dierdra Chester, director of the USDA Office of the Chief Scientist, presented the 2023 agInnovation Awards for Excellence at a ceremony held recently in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Awards included Excellence in Leadership, Excellence in Multistate Research, and National Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Dr. Dionne Toombs, far right, presenting Dr. Glenda Humiston, center, with Leadership

Award. Also pictured is Dr. Matt Wilson, agInnovation Chair. Image courtesy of agInnovation.

The Excellence in Leadership Award recognizes those who have served the regional experiment station associations, the national section and the national Land-grant System with exemplary distinction. Through their leadership, they have personified the highest level of excellence by enhancing the cause and performance of the regional associations and agInnovation in achieving their missions. Learn more about the 2023 Excellence in Leadership Award recipients.

The Excellence in Multistate Research Award recognizes scientists and educators who conduct exemplary multistate activities and enhance the visibility of the multistate program. Demonstration of interdependence is a high standard and has become a hallmark of the Multistate Research Program’s management objectives. The 2023 Excellence in Multistate Research Award was awarded to the Soybean Diseases Team representing 25 Land-grant Institutions.

The 2023 National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards celebrate extraordinary accomplishments and efforts of individuals and groups that have taken diversity, equity and inclusion to new levels and serve as role models. A key component of this award is recognition of individuals or groups that go beyond meeting Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action program requirements. Learn more about the 2023 National Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards recipients.

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