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Introducing A New Era of Agriculture: agInnovation

by agInnovation Team

As the agriculture industry is constantly tasked with doing more, the Experiment Station Section (ESS) Brand and Digital Marketing Committee identified a need to build a stronger identity for the organization. To promote and elevate agricultural research that improves lives and makes the world more food secure, ESS needed a modern and engaging brand identity that would help endear existing supporters closer while bringing new strategic partners to the fold. After an extensive effort, ESS is proud to rebrand to agInnovation (science that feeds the world), a brand identity that will reinvigorate excitement for the incredible agricultural experiments and research projects taking place within the Land-grant university ecosystem. This new brand enables all five regional memberships, the 1890’s Association (ARD), the North Central Region (NCRA), the Northeast Region (NERA), the Southern Region (SAESSD) and the Western Region (WAESSD) to live under one umbrella. In addition to a new name, logo, and tagline, agInnovation also has a new website that showcases the research projects taking place within these regions that are impacting the state of global agriculture.

Agriculture has always been a fulfilling, honorable industry, but it has lost appeal in the last few decades and suffered as younger generations pursue alternate careers. And yet, the import of agricultural producers and players has only grown. As the globe continues to face challenges that threaten the quality and quantity of our food supply, the time for a rebrand that highlights the groundbreaking, integral work taking place in the agriculture world is now. The agInnovation name evokes the cutting-edge research and experimentation that has been taking place at Land-grant universities and the work the world can look forward to. Leadership is confident that the newly rebranded agInnovation is critical in attracting and inspiring the next generation of agriculture researchers, funders, and supporters.

The new era of agriculture is exciting, as the agInnovation website proves, but it requires all hands on deck. We encourage you… go ahead and take a peek at the science that is feeding the world and get inspired yourself!

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